Too Nice to Say No

Assertiveness Skills for Gentle People

There are a lot of misconceptions about assertiveness. So just for the record, assertiveness is not about battling through life to insist you get all your own way. Definitely not! I believe it’s possible to be assertive while having respect for yourself and others, and maintaining empathy and sensitivity with the people around you. This workshop is about finding the balance. It’s interactive and fun, and you’ll get practical techniques to put you in charge of your life.

Aims of the day

  • Reduce stress by building confidence, so you no longer feel threatened or victimised when things don’t go as expected.
  • Recognise your own rights to state what you want and set boundaries
  • Learn how to be empathetic – without being a pushover
  • Create better relationships by encouraging others to voice their opinions
  • Get to win/win agreements faster by stating your needs clearly and encouraging others to do the same.

By the end of the course you will :

  • Understand how being yourself – and being open about what you want- will make you feel more confident and self assured
  • Know how to recognise the differences between Assertive, Aggressive and Passive behaviour
  • Trust your own judgement to know when you can/can’t do something
  • Understand how allowing others to voice their opinions will build rapport and good relationships
  • Understand the importance of tackling difficult situations without blaming others
  • Understand the value of anticipating difficult situations and preparing a ‘script’ in advance
  • Know how to be honest about your mistakes and demonstrate a willingness to learn from them
  • Know how to say “No” clearly in a way that respects others
  • Know how to gain more confidence in situations that are important to you.

Who should come on this course

Anyone who wants to have more influence and negotiating power in everyday situations without upsetting or alienating friends, family and colleagues. And particularly anyone who wants to feel totally comfortable and confident about having their needs met.