Fiction for Fun – Online

Couple enjoying writing

Whether you’re just starting to dabble with short stories or a novel, or want some new ideas to freshen up your fiction style, this workshop will ease you into empowering new techniques and help you extend your creative writing skills.

We’ll cover the essential elements of storytelling. So we’ll explore how to find your writer’s voice, to build mystery and suspense and develop your characters so they live and breathe for your readers. We’ll look at how you can use the elusive skill of ‘show-don’t-tell’ that gives your audience the emotions and experience of your story, without directly presenting the facts.

We’ll play with The Hero’s Journey, a common template for ancient folk tales and mythology involving a hero – or heroine – who goes on an adventure, is victorious in a crisis and comes home transformed.

This workshop is interactive with plenty opportunities for practical, achievable writing exercises and feedback. Equally suitable for new or experienced writers.

Fiction for Fun – Online

Hosted by Wilmslow Guild and delivered by Zoom

Saturday 23 January 2021

10am – 4pm £36

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Course content enquiries to Judi at 07799 644000