Fun and Fearless! Writing for Procrastinators

procrastinationMany writers procrastinate! But some get into the rhythm of writing, enjoy the process and produce inspired, satisfying text.

So what makes them different? And what can we learn that will help us achieve our own dreams and aspirations.

The answer is not about beating yourself up with negative self talk about more “discipline”. Instead it’s about tapping into your motivation, developing an attitude of enthusiasm and enjoyment and learning how to overcome what had previously been barriers and distractions.

First we’ll remind ourselves that writing can be fun with light-hearted games and exercises. We’ll look at the psychology of the writing process and what could be standing in the way. We’ll contemplate our direction about what we really want to write and what can support us on our journey. And by acquiring new skills you will transform your whole approach to writing so you can tap into your own enthusiasm and creativity.

Who should come on this course?

Suitable for anyone who has the desire to write, but finds it hard to start or to complete a piece of writing. Ideal for beginners and also for more experienced writers who have difficult making progress with an idea or a part-completed project.

“To begin is to be half way there.” Plato

What you will learn:

  • Tips and tricks to punch your own buttons
  • What to do when the inspiration runs out
  • How to uncover the source of your procrastination – so you’re in charge of your own actions
  • Believe in yourself as you acquire new skills and techniques
  • Transform your approach to make writing a pleasure
  • Make your own plan and set achievable goals
  • The three things you need to prepare to help you eliminate the struggle

What people say about Judi’s courses

“This course does exactly what it says on the tin. All the negative thoughts are fading away. I now have the direction I wanted.”
Heather Upton, Goostrey, Cheshire

“Using the tools taught on the course has caused lots of ideas to start coming out of my brain and onto paper”
Jane Howie, Macclesfield

“Really enjoyed it. I now know how to begin – and how to keep inspired and motivated.”
Kathy Castle, Banbury

“Outstanding! I would love to do it again.”
Cathy Roberts, Macclesfield