Writing and Selling Features

Writing and selling featuresThere is an ever-expanding market for freelance articles – and editors welcome with open arms good material geared to their needs.

Whether you want to write articles to earn extra cash, to contribute to a community newsletter, or to get publicity for an issue close to your heart, here are all the skills you need to get your words into print.

You will learn how to:

  • Approach editors and understand their needs
  • Find and develop ideas and pitch them to appropriate markets
  • Write persuasive and concise synopses
  • Adapt your ideas to different types of feature format
  • Research, plan and structure your feature
  • Make a great start with engaging intros
  • Write fast and fluently and abolish writer’s block
  • Handle all your interviews and get lively quotes
  • Maximise your credibility with contacts and editors
  • Negotiate fees and copyright

Who should come on this course?

This course is suitable for absolute beginners as well as for experienced writers who want to develop some new journalistic tricks of the trade.

What people say about this course:

“Good fun. Lots of practical work. Left us wanting more”
Wendy E., Cheshire

“Brought theory to life in an atmosphere that was permissive yet safe, fun but industrious.”
Martin S., Oxon

“The voyage of the weekend took us from tenuous first approaches to more confident expression of our ideas, within helpful structures suggested by the tutor. Very enjoyable.”
Rosemary D., Beckenham

“A wonderful course, great teacher, fabulous learning experience.”
Alison C., Derby