How It All Began

Enjoying the sunUnleash Your Writing Power is a ground-breaking course that has enabled many hundreds of people from all walks of life to transform their approach to writing. It was developed by Judi Goodwin over twenty years ago in response to a plea from a friend. “I want my writing to be more inspiring – and I want to write without a struggle.”

A collection of games, exercises, processes and discussions had a miraculous effect on that first weekend workshop. The group of friends who came were energised, excited and empowered in a way they had never anticipated. The reason was simple. They could already write. But their confidence was a casualty of modern life. During the weekend they learned to trust their writing and creativity again – and their ability to communicate took a giant leap.

Since then the Unleash techniques have been tried and tested in scores of organisations large and small – from colleges and drop-in centres, to big organisations like Lloyds TSB and The Royal Mint. And additional courses have followed in response to requests for more.

Whatever you dream of writing, and from whatever starting point, whether beginner or experienced, if you are ready and willing to explore, then you can expect some magic to begin to happen.